AAR Spring Scout 2016

On Friday, we arrived in the area we were instructed to Scout, Tim worked getting the main camp in proper order, Dennis was about doing other chores. Ken’s wagon arrived with some equipment for us to use. I arrived, and was informed Lieutenant Hussey’s wagon, carrying some of our supplies, came very close to an ambush, but was able to make haste in a different direction, to avoid capture. He would not be able to join us in time to assist with the Scout, as he did not want to give our presence away, but he was safe. We secured our area, and went about getting some dinner with goods Tim managed to obtain.
On Saturday, Charles arrived with pastries he procured on the way. I soon realized he was quite ill, he was put on a wagon, and returned to the main camp to recover. Too bad, he missed very good pastries, the Men were pleased, it is not often we have such fare. Joe with his wagon arrived, we then set some marks to make sure our rifles were in good order. I was again pleased with the accuracy of the Men. We set about making the camp secure, the Men started sitting around talking, and not doing proper chores, I started them practicing different ways to start fires, and getting them to work together. Derek conducted a Scout of the immediate area around camp for signs of Regulars.
Sunday morning, I got up early, had in mind a little test for the Men. Spent time searching our area, going past the lake to check for signs of Regulars, finding none, I started getting my test in order. My intent was to see how fast, and proper, they would advance on the position of the proposed attack. I fired off a round, and yelled, “they are over here”, then placed myself in good position to observe their actions. They split in three directions, Joe circled to the right, Ken went left, Derek, and Tim, came almost straight at me. Dennis was a little behind them for backup.
As they approached my position, I made them aware of my presence, we then talked over what action they each took. Well done Men. We preceded to an area where we set some marks to shoot. The men all showed their worth, but then we are some of the best. I am being a little modest, the Men are the best.
During our Scout of the area, we found some different tracks, but believed them to be some of the locals. Having properly checked the area, we returned to report our findings to headquarters.

Captain, Mad Jack, Morgans Rifle Company

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