Huntin’ Trip

Backwoods Scum,

I would like to invite you all on an actual Longhunter style hunting expedition somewhere in California. We would set up a home camp then hunt in small groups from there some perhaps packing out overnight from camp.

I am hoping for some feedback and ideas for areas or hunting zones as I have not been successful in my favorite zone in a few years. This is just a hunting trip, not mandatory, but I think it would be fun to hunt with a flintlock and do it the way the folks we personify would have.

If this is something  you would like to do, rush out and get your 2012,13 hunting license and a deer/bear/bobcat/pig/furry critter tag application. The new license year begins July 1st.   But wait until we have a definite zone to hunt before sending in for your tags…


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