Morgans Rifle Company Schedule of events for 2016

Morgans Schedule 2016
January:          *Winter Scout 22nd to 24th          Mile High Ranch
February:       *Massing of the Colors 14th         Forest Lawn
March:           *Spring Scout-bootcamp 18th to 20th   Mile High Ranch
Wedge Tents, learning skills, shooting, gun cleaning, bring possible Recruits.
Maximum effort for all Command Charles Spratley will run this Scout

April:              *Hart Canyon Rondy 9th to 17th         Hart Canyon
May:               *Colonial Fair 27th to 30th                  Mile High Ranch
     We hope to have the area for the Fair from the 19th through the 24th,
we could use part of the time to set up our camps, and to start getting
things ready for the Colonial Fair.
We could also have a Scout before the Fair started.
June:                Pacific Primitive 17th to 25th             Seneca, Oregon
July:                 *4th of July weekend Colonial Event          Riley’s farm
                        *Fort MacArthur Days July 9th to 10th      Fort MacArthur
August:           *Summer Scout: Aug 5th to August 7th     Mile High Ranch
September:     Revolutionary War Days 12-13 Sep 2015?? Nevada City, CA
October:         Colonial Frolic Sept 30th to Oct 4th              Mile High Ranch
                  The Colonial Frolic, and the *Fall Scout may be combined
November:        *Fall Scout? November 4th to 6th                Mile High Ranch
                Maybe: Rebels & Redcoats Novenber 4th to the 6th Arizona
We were invited to attend
December:      Morgans Christmas Party Dec 10th         Captains Quarters
Company Events * Riflemen need to attend at least three of the Company
Events, to stay in good standing.
NCO’s and Officers need to attend, at least 5 Company Events.
Remember to wear your Hunting, Caped Frock Coat to Company Events
   I want everyone to understand that, as it has been in the past, in order to
get credit for attending a Company Event, you must participate
with the Company, in the Company activities, not just to be at an event,
doing your own thing, or being a part of another unit, at that Event.
We need some of the Rifleman to step up and volunteer to run a Scout
For information only:
May5th to May 15thManzanita Rendezvous
Holcolm Sept 1st to Sept 11th Holcolm Valley
Laguna Rendezvous Sept 30 Oct 8th??
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