New Method of Loading Rifles

Virginia Gazette Oct 3, 1777 pg2

Williamsburg   October 3,

Capt. Thomas Rowland, of Botetourt, last week, in this city, made an experiment of his new method of loading and firing rifles, which shows that rifles may be easily loaded and discharged in as short a time as muskets generally are, with their usual certainty as to aim, and with triple execution in time of action. He shot twelve balls into the compass of a large handkerchief, at the distance of fifty yards, in four discharges of his piece, in the pace of 52 seconds. Several of the balls were within six inches of the center, and but three of the balls would have a man’s body. In another experiment, after firing thirty balls in ten discharges, his rifle appeared as clean and cool in the barrel, though she was not wiped during the experiment, as if she had not been fired more than once. Capt. Rowland’s method is looked upon as a valuable discovery; having rendered that instrument of death, which is already so much dreaded by our enemies, capable of being infinitely more destructive and terrible, and that by a simple and easy operation.

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