Whistle Calls

When we are in the woods, fightin’ Indians or Froggies, or even Lobsterbacks nowadays, we must have a way of communicating BASIC commands quickly, efficiently, and without the enemy being able to discern (understand for you young Rangers) without much difficulty.

So I have this in mind:

1.  Only Officers, NCOs, and team (mess) leaders will initiate calls in the field, except in an EMERGENCY.

2.  All Rangers should know the signals, what if your Team leader is down, or missing.

3. They must be simple to understand.

Here goes:

Halt = 1short toot, = Look at me;

Enemy spotted = 1 short note, Wait a few seconds, repeat;

Advance =  2 short toots, repeated 1 time;

Right = 1 sharp, to gain attention, 2 short toots, Repeated twice;

Left  = 1 sharp, to gain attention, 3 short toots, Repeated twice;

Engage Enemy = 3 toots;

Fallback (not runaway) = 1 sharp, to gain attention, 3 count toot, repeated 3-6 times;

Run away = 4 long toots, repeated until commanding Officer spots ALL teams running away;

Assemble (to whistler) One pair from each flank will remain on station = 1 sharp, to gain attention, 4 toots.

Rangers never leave their Brothers in the field,  NEVER


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